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3 Supposed Cleaning Hacks That Fail the Myth-Busters Test

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Everyone wants to learn how to make household clean-up easier and more efficient. After all, no one wants to spend an entire day cleaning their apartment, when there are many more exciting things to do! So, it only makes sense that you may have dedicated one (or multiple) Google searches to lesser-known cleaning hacks, designed to make quick work of your most dreaded chores. Yet, some cleaning hacks are all fluff. These 3 hacks, for example, should be ignored completely.

Sanitizing Sponges in the Microwave

You’ve probably heard that you can quickly and easily sanitize a sponge by sticking it in the microwave and heating it. However, this method is scientifically proven to be ineffective at removing all the bacteria needed to adequately sanitize the sponge. In fact, remaining bacteria can even recolonize the sponge, potentially becoming even stronger. If you’re concerned about bacteria-ridden sponges, get in the habit of regularly replacing yours, or opt for microfiber cloths, which can be laundered regularly.

Coating a Cooktop With Car Wax

This so-called cleaning hack is not only ineffective, but it’s downright dangerous. Coating a cooktop, like a stove, with car wax has been said to make it easier to clean splatters and spills. But, the chemical compounds in car wax are not meant to come into contact with kitchen surfaces – or anything food-related, really. Instead of trying this potentially devastating hack, stick to good, old fashioned elbow grease, and regularly clean grimy cooktops with a grease-cutting cleaning product.

Cleaning a Toilet with Coca Cola

Because Coca Cola (and other carbonated beverages) have citric and phosphoric acids, they have received a reputation as a good cleaning agent for toilet bowls and other things that may require a rust or stain remover. However, using a liter or more of soda will do little aside from making your toilet sticky and sugary, which could attract pests and is certainly a breeding ground for bacteria and more grime. Purchase a disinfecting toilet cleaner instead, which is much cheaper and more effective than soda.

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